Why Rolling Over Your 401k Account to Gold Might be The Best Decision Ever!

401kIn the past, saving and investing for your retirement was a piece of cake. How times have changed! These days, almost every investment you make is more like the toss of a coin, which means there is every chance you could end up spending your final years broke and destitute.

This is why more and more people are performing a gold 401k rollover manoeuvre, so they can add some stability to their financial life and not have to spend the next 20 years worrying about losing everything.

So should you roll over your 401k account to gold? Here are 3reasons why we believe this would be the best decision ever…

Short supply

One of the chief reasons why investing in gold is so hot right now, is because of the short supply. Gold exploration and production have slowed down significantly in recent years, while more people than ever before are buying it up.

The end result will be higher prices in the future, which is why you should consider rolling over your 401k account to gold immediately.

Gold is worldwide

Ultimately, the US economy is in a very fragile state. It will only take a very small crisis to send the whole country into meltdown, and with that, all of your savings and investments will come crumbling down.

However, if you have gold tucked away, then you have something which can be traded on the international market, which means you won’t be totally broke and you might even prosper depending on how much you invest in gold.

Gold is secure

If the last 100 years have told us anything, it’s that the price of gold is very secure. There has been a constant rise in price year upon year, which means investors can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that their investment isn’t about to crash and burn.

Why put your money at risk with investing in the stock market? Sure, you can hit it big and make millions, but you probably have more chance of winning the lottery. “It could be you,” but it’s not likely.

Instead, rolling over your 401k to gold is a much better idea, especially if you value your financial future.


In our opinion, rolling over your 401k account to gold is by far the best decision you can make. However, this is completely your decision, and you should gather as many facts as possible before putting pen to paper.

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Are You Ready For Online Stock Trading?

trading checkMany people dream about investing in stocks and making a lot of money, but how many actually do it? Let’s face it, there is risk involved with online stock trading, which means you should only proceed if you feel ready.

Below are some of our best tips for online stock trading:

Understand what you are trading

There are many different ways to trade online, with some of the activities being more complicated than others.

For example, if you don’t understand something like binary options signals then leave them well alone. Ultimately, your goal should be to keep things simple and trade in stocks that you understand.

Be rational

It’s very important that you control your emotions at all times when trading in the online stock market. Make a rash decision in the heat of the moment, and you could end up losing everything. Not good.

Try and stay rational as much as possible, by gathering information about potential trades before pulling the trigger.

Have a strategy

Your best chance of success in the stock market comes from having a strategy. This way, you are more likely to make good and consistent decisions, rather than applying a shotgun approach to stock market trading.

Read some books that deal with stock market strategy, and even consider finding yourself a mentor.

Only risk a percentage of your bankroll

Wise traders realize that there is never a “sure bet.” It doesn’t matter how confident you are about a stock, you should only ever risk a percentage of your bankroll on any one trade. If you ignore this advice, then the wheels can fall off your trading career literally overnight.

However, when you only use a percentage of your bankroll, then you can take a few losses and still remain in a strong position. Remember, online stock trading is a long term pursuit, rather than a vehicle for overnight riches.

Use software

In recent years, there has been many stock market software programs hitting the market. While some of these programs are very expensive, there is no denying that they will save you a lot of time and effort.

For this reason, once your trading career starts to take off, you should use some of your new found wealth to buy some of these software programs.

Have fun

Because there is often thousands of dollars on the line, online stock trading can become a very serious activity.

While this is true, you should also remember to have fun. When you are in a good mood, then you will make better decisions.

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Don’t Get Ripped Off By Lousy Tenants!

landlordIt’s every landlords nightmare to get a bad tenant. Here in the UK, you can go through hell trying to get them evicted.

Unfortunately, it seems like the law likes to side with the tenants rather than the landlord, which means you could have a long and drawn out legal battle on your hands.

Sure, you could compare landlord insurance in the uk so at least you get some protection, but ultimately you still need to have your wits about you.

This is why you should fully screen every potential tenant before any contracts are signed. Meet them in person, and ask them a range of different questions to see if they fit the bill. Never be tempted to skip this important step, as you will end up paying for it later.

Do you really want to take the chance of having a tenant that doesn’t pay the rent because they are a deadbeat who can’t be bothered to look for a job? Of course not, which is why you should always ask these questions below…

Why are you looking for a place to rent?

This is the first question you should ask, and their answer will give you a clue about whether or not they are a lousy tenant. For example, if they say that the reason for looking for a place to rent is because their last landlord kicked them out, then this is a huge red flag.

What is your income level?

Some landlords might feel strange about asking someone about their income level. Don’t be. Not only do you want to make sure that they can easily afford the rent, but you also need to check that they have a stable job. With this in mind, you should ask to see proof of income, such as pay checks and bank statements.

Can you pay first months rent in advance?

It’s important to always get the first months rent in advance. This shows that the tenant is serious about moving in, and it also tells you that they can afford to pay your asking price. If the potential tenant asks to be given more time to pay the first months rent, or they start giving you excuses, then this is a surefire sign that you could be dealing with a lousy tenant. Stop the conversation right away and tell them to take a hike.

Can you provide references?

In order to gain a better understanding of their character, it’s essential that you see some references. Ideally, this should be from previous landlords, so you can see what kind of tenant they have been in the past. When they can’t provide references, then there is a good chance that they have something to hide.

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Want to Trade Binary Options Like a Pro?

binary options tickerBinary options has been taking the trading world by storm recently. Thousands of people are discovering just how profitable it can be, as well as providing the freedom to work from the comfort of your own home.

Best of all, there are no restrictions placed on who can trade. You can be a high school dropout, a 70 year old grandmother, or a 45 year old office worker making money in your spare time. There are no qualifications needed.

The following binary options trading tips are used by the pros all over the world. These guys rake in millions of dollars a year, so if you want to decrease your risk while increasing profits you should pay very close attention.

Get a broker

The first step you need to take when trading binary options is to hire a broker. Not only will they be able to execute your trades, but they can also offer you advice, training, and a range of different software programs and tools to make your life easier.

Make sure you choose a broker with a good reputation who has been trading for a number of years. Also, be sure to check what their fees and commissions are, as this factors into your overall profit margins.

Paper trade

Before you actually start spending your hard earned money, it’s a good idea to start paper trading at first. This allows you to get a “feel” for the markets, and gain experience without risking any of your money.

Many beginners go broke within a few weeks, due to poor judgment and reckless trades. Don’t let this happen to you. Take it slow and steady at first, and within a couple of months you will be ready to start trading for real.

Be calm

Binary options trading is not a good match for people who are emotional and quickly get frustrated. At the end of the day, this is a long-term game with many ups and downs. Pro traders understand this, which is why they make it a point to remain calm at all times no matter what is happening.

When you are calm, then it’s easier to maintain a clear head, which means you can think more clearly and make better decisions.

Only invest what you can afford

You need to be honest with yourself about your financial situation so you don’t end up trading with more money that you can afford.

Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and start to think that you can’t lose, but when you trade in this state of mind then one small mistake can wipe you out completely.

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Looking for a Binary Options Trading Broker?

Binary brokerBinary options trading can be tough at the best of times, which is why you should sign up with a quality broker to make your life easier.

Sure, there is a range of different software programs currently on the market, designed to assist you in your trades and make the whole process smoother, but nothing beats the personal touch of a quality broker.

Having a high quality binary broker on your side means you get access to their many years of experience, and they can offer you expert advice and guidance to set you on the right track. This is especially beneficial if you are currently losing money in your trades.

Quite simply, enlisting the services of a binary options trading broker can mean the difference between being profitable or losing your shirt.

Where to find a broker

There are many different brokers out there, which is why you should spend some time gathering information before you make a choice. You could visit a site such as http://www.binarytrends.com where there are many different recommendations and insights to the multiple brokers offering their services.

Also forums and blogs are another great place to gain a better understanding of the options available. Many people are only too willing to offer their opinions on a particular broker, so you can quickly gain valuable insights based on their past experiences.

For example, if the reviews and opinions of a particular broker are mostly negative, then it is a safe bet that you should probably avoid this company at all costs and look elsewhere.

Every broker is different

You should also understand that every binary options trading broker is different, and will have their own unique way of dealing with clients. For this reason, you should aim to select a broker that matches your overall trading strategy, so there are no conflict of interests.


Another thing to look out for is brokers that offer training courses and products when you join them. This is especially helpful if you are new to the world of binary options trading and are still not sure how to approach your trades.

You can take advantage of webinars and video courses, hosted by trading experts who are ready to share their expertise with you. Taking part in this kind of training can really accelerate the learning process, and turn you into a profitable trader in no time at all.

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3 Expert Tips for Investing in Gold

laying golden eggAre you interested in buying gold but are feeling confused about what to do next? If this is the case, then you are in the right place, as in this article we are going to share with you 3 expert tips for investing in gold.

If you read the newspapers on a regular basis, then you have no doubt heard many financial experts write about how you should be investing in gold right now. But why is that?

Quite simply, gold is seen as valuable asset during times of economic despair, which means if you invest in gold then you will always have something of value, no matter what the financial climate.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that investing in gold is also beneficial for people looking to diversify their IRA. Gold ira investments have seen a massive surge in popularity recently, and this shows no signs of coming to an end anytime soon.

3 tips for investing in gold:

Decide what type you want to buy

Before you spend any of your hard earned cash, it’s essential that you decide what type of gold you wish to invest in. Many experts believe that the most profitable gold comes in the form of gold coins and bars, as they are widely available, simple to store, and will be easy to sell in the future.

To buy gold coins and bars, your best option is to seek out online dealers to find the current trading price. You can then make a decision on who to buy from.

Educate yourself

If you decide to invest in something such as gold coins and bars, then you should take the time to educate yourself as much as possible about these forms of gold.

It’s very easy to get ripped off when buying gold online, as some dealers do offer gold that is not of the highest quality. By educating yourself, you can easily spot gold that is not worth buying, which means you will only ever spend your money on the highest quality coins and bars.


Storing gold is an important part of the investment process. If you keep your gold in the wrong place then it could easily get stolen, which means you will probably never see it again.

To protect yourself against gold theft, you need to be very cautious about where you decide to store it.

One option is to store it with the dealer you bought the gold from. Not every dealer offers this option, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

If you decide to go down this route, then make sure the dealer is trustworthy, and also enquire about any insurance options to give yourself the most amount of protection and peace of mind.

Sally Anne Mathers provided the post.

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