About The Site

Welcome to my site, I’m Bill and I’m a bit of a news and finance geek.

I’ve dedicated this site to my interest in loans, accounting (I know that’s boring to some :)), thrift, insurance, legal claims, savings and to some extent income generation. To be honest I try not to make the site an income machine as I don’t want the site to become a “how to make a million in 20 seconds” type of site.

The site has gone through a few incarnations but my latest idea is to throw the site out to the people… wow I sound like Che Guevara!  Not sure what he would have made of my capitalist blog :)  Getting back to the point I’m going to allow readers and others to post content on the site as long as it’s of interest and they have something interesting to teach us.  It WILL NOT be a pitch festfor products though.

I have a wide range of interests when it comes to finance and business so it may be disparate in nature but that will depend on you. If anyone has anything specific they want to see let me know as I would be more than happy t oblige.  I won’t be writing much as I’m doing a masters on an evening but I’ll be OKing and reading every single post.

My own financial journey probably mirrors most of my readers I’ve splurged on credit cards, personal loans and even payday loans and now I’m paying the price which was one of the reasons for the site.  Just to make it clear I don’t think any of these are evil or wrong, I just over did it.  I’m sure we have all been in that situation in the past.

My income has been bumpy as I don’t really like having a boss which is a problem if you want to earn money:)

This has led to an income graph that is very uneven although my income at the moment is not too bad.  I’m not using ads on the site as the moment as I did in the past. Previously I used a service and they placed ads and when I checked on them I didn’t like what I saw.  For a measly $150 a month it simply wasn’t worth it so I’m not monetizing the site at the moment, money wasn’t the reason I started it in the first place.

I guess that’s enough of my ranmblings for now, enjoy the site and if you want to post something let me know.

Big Bill!