4 HUGE Mistakes to Avoid When Claiming PPI

mistakeIf you are one of the millions of people about to make ppi claims during the next 12 months, then you should read every single word in this article very closely.

It’s a sad fact of life that many people never get the compensation they deserve from those nasty banks, mainly due to the fact that they make HUGE mistakes that guarantees their failure.

Fortunately, you don’t have to become another victim, and by avoiding the 4 mistakes below you will almost guarantee a successful outcome to your PPI case.

Listening to fake gurus

There are a few fake gurus out there that seem to have convinced the UK population that they know everything about PPI. They don’t. Despite what they say on their websites and on the the television, they are actually pretty clueless, which means many people are getting just downright bad advice. Ignore these people at all costs.

Using a PPI template letter

One particular “guru” spends most of his time talking about using PPI template letters to magically get the banks to comply with you. At the end of the day, this is just a ploy to get you to visit his website, and in reality, a PPI template letter is about as valuable as a fur coat in the Sahara. The banks laugh at these letters, chuck them in the bin, and then pay themselves another bonus with your money.

Not using a PPI claims company

Instead of wasting your time downloading PPI template letters and messing around trying to communicate with the banks, it’s a much better idea to just hire an expert to work in your corner.

Know this: a PPI claims company will look closely at your case, contact the banks on your behalf, negotiate a much higher payout then you could do yourself, and do all of this in the minimum amount of time possible. All you you need to do is relax, put your feet up and think of England. No brain power necessary!

Paying a PPI claims company upfront

Don’t be tricked by rogue PPI claim companies that try to get you to pay an upfront fee to use their service. This is a scam, and if you fall for it expect to find yourself out of pocket.

A legitimate company will only expect to be paid once they have won your case. In other words, they’re motivated to get you real results, instead of just messing you around like some con artists out there.