5 Quick Tips For Slashing Your Expenses

chartThere is nothing worse than that feeling you get when your bank balance is in the red. If you currently have a negative net worth, and you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, then you are probably looking for a way out?

It all starts with slashing your expenses, as this allows you to free up money so you can get yourself back into the green.

Here are 5 quick tips for slashing your expenses:

Switch to Cox Cable

Let’s face the facts here for a minute. Cable TV costs are on a steep rise, and if the cable companies are not careful they will end up pricing the average man and woman on the street out of the market.

Luckily, not all companies are in this to squeeze every last drop of profit out of their customers, which is why you might want to consider switching to Cox Cable in Virginia to make some serious savings.

Magazine subscriptions

Do you really need those magazine subscriptions? At the end of the day, there are plenty of magazine style websites out there, with all of the latest news and gossip, and best of all they are completely free! Ditch the magazine subscriptions in order to slash your expenses.

Cancel the gym membership

Be honest with yourself here, how many times have you actually been to the gym since signing up? If you’re like the majority of people then you can probably count your visits on one hand. Don’t feel bad though, as canceling the gym membership is a straight for ward process, and it is an excellent way to free up money and get rid of another unnecessary expense.

If you still want to get in shape, then why not buy an exercise bike for your home? This is only a one-off payment, and it will give you years of service.

Cut your own hair

It might sound extreme, but millions of women are now cutting their own hair in a bid to (literally) slash their expenses. Make no mistake about it, visiting the hairdressers is an expensive luxury these days, which is why cutting your own hair is such a good idea.

Get a quality pair of scissors and make sure there is adequate lighting in the room when standing in front of the mirror. Cut away until you get the style you want.

Quit smoking and drinking

While you might enjoy a smoke and a drink, there is no denying that it is bad for bank balance (as well as your health). For this reason, if you really do want to slash your expenses, then it’s probably time to quit smoking and drinking for good.